Emergency Drills

Duration: 3-4 hours

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What does the course offer?

Handling a medical emergency can be one of the most challenging experiences in any clinical role, even for the most experienced of teams.

Through the use of a variety of customisable scenarios, we can visit you to carry out a hands-on emergency simulation, testing your team’s capabilities in their own working environment.

The drill is followed up by a comprehensive debrief, where the team will discuss their experience of the drill, reflecting upon their thoughts and actions, and identifying their strengths, weaknesses and ways to improve their performance in a real-life emergency. Our team members that lead the debriefings have been trained and assessed by Joanna Lawrence, who runs a post graduate certificate module in debriefing and feedback at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Depending on the purpose of the drill, you can choose to receive a full emergency scenario report, detailing the specific actions of the team and how these actions meet good practice guidelines, and noting any recommendations or improvements.

Key Benefits

  • Provides the opportunity for staff to practice emergencies safely without putting patients/clients at risk
  • Provides a safe environment for staff to discover both good practice and their own practices that need to develop to provide better levels of care
  • Provides evidence of an independent, objective view of your emergency procedures and client/patient management

Further information for the day

  • Drills can be either announced or unannounced
  • 2 Assessors per drill, optional video-recording for viewing in the debrief
  • Typical timings:
    • Set up: 1 hour
    • Scenarios: 20 minutes
    • Break: 5 minutes
    • Debriefing: 1 hour
    • 30 minutes to remove equipment
    • Post-drill report write-up: 1 hour
    • Total duration: 3/4 hours
Emergency Drills

For Groups

Scenario-based training tailored to your working environment, delivered on-site by one of our experienced trainers.

Contact us with your chosen date and time. Evenings and weekends may also be available at no extra cost.

For individuals

Sorry, we do not currently host sessions of this course for individuals to join.

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