Back to Life Training - Open session Cancellation Terms and Conditions

Our Cancellation Policy and Terms and Conditions for "open" courses (eALS, ALS Recertification, ILS, PILS, GIC etc)

We have a robust cancellation policy in place to protect bookings for ourselves and our clients when they book a place on one of our "Open" courses.  An Open course is defined as a date for training that is hosted and managed by Back to Life rather than at a client's place of work.  For in-house bookings, our standard terms and conditions will apply.

This policy applies once we have received payment (either via payment of our invoice, or full payment made at the time of booking) pertaining to a training session.  This policy also forms part of the confirmation e-mail that is sent by us to the candidate upon successfully completing a booking.

The following policy defines "us", "we" and "our" as Back to Life Ltd and "you" & "your" as the candidate/individual attending one of our courses.

1) Cancellation of a course due to incorrect or ineligible status:

1.a) Ineligibility for ALS due to UK Professional Healthcare Qualification

The Resuscitation Council UK stipulate that in order to attend an ALS course all candidates "must hold a current clinical appointment and professional healthcare qualification or be in training for a professional healthcare qualification." 

Our online booking form contains a section for your UK professional registration number.  Please ensure you enter this information correctly as your details will be cross-checked against the relevant medical register before the course takes place.

If you do not have a UK professional registration number please contact us before making your booking and we can advise you of your eligibility and provide further assistance.

If you complete the booking process without a valid UK professional registration number your booking may be cancelled and will be subject to the same cancellation terms and fees detailed in this policy under the section 2 (Cancellation by you (the candidate) for any other reason).

1.b) Ineligibility on ALS Recertification due to current certification

In order to attend an ALS Recertification Course, candidates must currently hold a valid Resuscitation Council UK ALS provider certificate that is within 1 year of the date of expiry.

Upon completing our booking process you will be required to send us a copy of your existing certificate.  If we later discover your certificate invalid (i.e. not issued by the Resuscitation Council UK) or outside of the 1 year recertification window your booking may be cancelled subject to the same cancellation terms and fees detailed in this policy under the section 2 (Cancellation by you (the candidate) for any other reason).

If you would like to check your eligibility before booking please contact us and we can check your current certificate/status and advise you on booking your course.

2) Cancellation by you (the candidate) for any other reason:

You must inform us immediately, in writing, if you are unable to attend the training course you are booked on to.  We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee based on the amount of notice given. 

For cancellations where we receive more than 30 days’ (1 month) notice, you will receive a cancellation for the full amount paid minus a £10 booking/transaction fee (these are fees applied from Stripe, our payment service, which are non-refundable).  For cancellations within 1 month of the course date the cancellation charge is as follows:

  • Less than 7 days’ notice: 100% cancellation fee
  • 8 – 14 days’ notice: 75% cancellation fee
  • 15 – 21 days’ notice: 50% cancellation fee
  • 22 – 29 days’ notice: 25% cancellation fee
  • 30+ days' notice: Full refund minus a £10 transaction/booking fee

All percentage fees are based on the original price, including VAT, of the training course.  We will confirm any cancellation fees incurred and issue a refund (if applicable) for any amount paid that exceeds the cancellation charge and/or transaction/booking fees.  Refunds are issued via your original payment method and can take up to 10 working days to appear in your balance.

In some circumstances it may be possible to move your registration to an alternative date.  We will make every effort to facilitate this, but you may still incur a cancellation charge if we would otherwise incur costs as a result of transferring your registration to a new date.  Due to space limitations on all of our courses we only allow 1 move/transfer per booking.

It is possible for candidates to fail the ALS and ILS course. If you do not pass the course we will confirm your next steps in writing. We will support you throughout the process so you are aware of exactly what steps to take to successfully pass your course on your next attempt. In some circumstances you may be required to pay additional fees (up to and including the full price to attend on a new training date), this will be confirmed in any conversations and/or correspondence with you.

3) Cancellation of a Generic Instructor Course (GIC) place due to ineligible Instructor Potential (IP) status

In order to attend one of our Generic Instructor Courses (GIC), all candidates must have previously been designated as Instructor Potential (IP) on the relevant Resuscitation Council UK or ALS-G training course (e.g. ALS, NLS, APLS, EPALS).

If you apply for a space on our GIC and either a) do not have IP Status, or b) apply for a course that does not match your IP status (e.g. if you are an NLS IP but reserve a space on an ALS IP GIC) your place will be cancelled and refunded as per the criteria detailed under Section 2 (Cancellation by you (the candidate) for any other reason) of this cancellation policy.

4) Cancellation due to severe illness or COVID-19

Cancellations due to severe illness or COVID-19 are subject to the same cancellation terms detailed in the "Cancellation by you (the candidate)" section of this policy. 

Back to Life reserve the right to refuse entry to candidates if they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or other conditions that would endanger the other candidates on our courses.  For safety reasons you may be asked to give a temperature check on arrival to your course/venue.

5) Cancellation by us (Back to Life):

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the training course goes ahead exactly as planned, in some circumstances we may need to amend or cancel the training course you are booked on to.  If Back to Life cancel the training course you will be offered a full refund including booking fee, or a place on an alternative date if one is available at no additional charge.

Any Questions?

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